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Development Group LLC is a dynamic team supporting EU accession reforms, growth, competitiveness, innovation and employment generation. Our professional multi cultural teams are composed of leading experienced managers and experts in the field who have been involved in designing, managing and implementing complex projects. Company has successfully implemented various projects in partnership and cooperation with local and world's top firms. Development Group LLC is sustainably growing and aims to become a leader in providing development innovative solutions to its clients who are at the centre of DGs business vision, values and approach.

  • Efficiency

    Efficient implementation teams

  • Dedication

    Dedicated personnel and experts

  • Success

    We have one of the highest success rates around

  • Innovation

    We apply innovation tools to out solutions

”With our teams of managers and experts we support public institutions, governments and businesses accelerate socio economic development and generate sustainable economic growth, innovation and jobs.”


Development Groups LLC enjoys effective cooperation with significant number of international and domestic/regional partners that include (recently): AECOM • ACE Spain • GDSI • NICO Northern Ireland • IBF International Consulting • PAI • EPRD • GFA • GIZ • ESEP • Riinvest Institute • British Council • Syri Vizionit • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung • INDEP • Ministry of European Integration • Innovation Centre Kosovo • Chamber of Commerce • WYG International ... and others.


We work with extensive range of partners, experts and practitioners to provide qualitative services to international donor agencies, public institutions and private sector. The following are main service areas provided by the Development Group LLC.


Design, Management and Implementation

High Success

  • Professional Project Design Teams with 20 Years of Experience at Your Disposal

Strategy and Policy

Development and Formulation


  • Institutional, Business and Sectoral Development Strategies and Concepts


Innovation and Competitiveness


  • Socio Economic Focused Growth Targeting Jobs Generation and Private Sector Enhancement

EU Accession

Acquis Implementation


  • We Are Focused to Help Governments Implement Various Membership Conditionality

EU Funds

Training, Coaching, Implementation


  • In Depth Support to Public, Nongovernmental and Business Orgs on Range of Opportunities

Public Administration

Professional, Effective, Accountable


  • Support Public Administration and Civil Service Reach Highest International Standards

Grants Design

Business Support Schemes


  • Detailed Design of Full Packages for Development Grants in Multiple Sectors

Regional Development

Balanced Growth and Investments


  • Supporting Development Agents Generate Prosperity At Regional and Local Levels

Leaders in Development, Growth and EU Membership Accession.

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Some of the selected projects we implemented with our partners and network of experts.
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